Stop searching for the perfect home that doesn't exist.

Hire us & we'll find a house in your desired location with the greatest potential. Then, we'll make it the perfect home for you & your family.


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Our Process...

  • Meetup

    Our initial meetup is where we get to know each other and decide if we will be a good fit for each other.

  • Get Preapproved

    We work with the top lenders in Tulsa who offer many products and options including renovation loans, no downpayment loans, FHA or conventional.

  • Begin the Search

    We learn what is important to you in a home and the reasons why so we can find the right house with the most potential.

  • Find the House and Get Initial Remodel Numbers

    Once we find a house with the greatest potential in the area you want to be in, we'll compile the initial renovation numbers and plan.

  • Close on the House

    During the closing process, we'll get contractors lined up and ready so when we close on the house we'll be ready for demo day!

  • Complete the Renovation

    The transformation of the house you bought to the home you'll live in can be as big or small as you wish.

  • Enjoy Your New Home

    Once the remodel is complete, you can move in and enjoy your new home!


"I cannot imagine navigating the home-buying process without Roderick with Tulsa Home + Design. He has been a reliable and creative visionary behind our decision-making process. Not only is he dedicated and enthusiastic about helping us find the perfect home for our family, but he has gone above and beyond to help us visualize possibilities and design ventures that we otherwise would not have been able to see. From designing potential layouts to answering questions past normal work hours, Roderick has made himself completely available and committed to us. Not only is he a creative mind and excellent communicator, but he is so enjoyable to be around, which is so important when you consider the time investment that goes into buying a home. Roderick with Tulsa Home + Design is definitely the answer to your realtor search!" 

Kate + Jordan

Experience the Difference

Tulsa Home + Design Realty

  • Team Based Value

    Working with our team from the beginning will ensure you are buying the right house that can be transformed into your dream home.

  • Vision Casters

    We can create stunning 3D renderings of a potential home to help you envision the space and plan for the renovations before you even close on the house.

  • Renovation Loans

    We are setup to handle renovation loans and welcome the lower real estate commission.

Typical Real Estate Agents

  • Independent Agents

    Typical buying agents are trained to help you buy a house but nothing beyond that. They may not have your overall vision and goals in mind.

  • Transaction Based

    Typical real estate agents want you to buy the house in great condition that won't cause problems during the inspection process and will close quickly and easily.

  • Top Dollar Transactions

    Typical real estate agents want you to buy the most expensive home possible to increase their paycheck.

So What's Next? 

Your next step will be to complete our Real Estate Onboarding Questionnaire.  This will provide us what we need in order to get started.  

Take the Onboarding Questionnaire