Floor Plan


Photos for Exterior Paint Tulsa

Scope of Work by Room

Whole House

Interior Paint

  • Spot repair, fill all holes in sheetrock and wood.  
  • Prep trim with light sanding and deglossing cleaner
  • Caulk all gaps
  • Use tape on trim after trim is painted, caulk and paint walls

Exterior Paint 

  • Remove shutters and properly prep edges that need taped
  • Tape and caulk windows on glass before painting
  • Cover A/C units and anything else necessary to prevent overspray
  • Power-wash exterior
  • Prime brick, stone and siding
  • Caulk all gaps in stone, brick and siding (besides weep-holes) 
  • Paint 2 coats on brick and siding using SW superpaint 
  • Separate color for trim and accents  
  • Wood/siding repairs made as needed - TBD