The Botanical Laundry Room

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This beautiful new construction laundry room checked all of our clients boxes. It is beautiful, calm and a perfect space to do laundry. Welcome to the blue botanical laundry room. In this laundry room you’ll find elegant, soft blue cabinetry, that exudes a sense of tranquility and peace.

The walls are adorned with floral wallpaper featuring delicate patterns, inspired by nature, the floral accents bring a touch of outdoor zen, adding to the peaceful feeling this room exudes. A blue and white marble mosaic covers the floor. Shelving was added for our client to display her collection of vintage baskets. The gold and marble hardware tie in with the marble on the flooring.  A sink adds functionality and convenience for a multitude of tasks. White marble countertops with gray veining was a beautiful addition to the room.

Who wouldn’t look forward to doing laundry in a room this beautiful?

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