enchanted entry

Behind the Design

The Tulsa Home and Design office entry has so many stories to tell.

Let’s start with the front door. We had a vision of an antique door with leaded beveled glass. We improvised and came up with the perfect solution. We ordered a hand carved mahogany wood door and cut out the top half to have leaded glass installed. We completed the design of the door with a medium stain and ornate hardware.  The end product looks like it was the original in our office which is a 100 year old house.

We chose a rich jewel toned green paint for the walls, trim and ceiling called Tarrytown Green by Benjamin Moore. One of our designers Shannon Phillips is an artist and hand painted the floral mural up the stairs and down the hall. It is truly a one of a kind space that welcomes our guests with a unique experience. We sourced a white cast iron floral mirror to stand out in contrast to the darker walls. The doors that lead into the conference room and Jennifer’s office are true antiques. They came from England and when we found them they had chipping paint and missing carvings. We stripped the doors down to the original wood and restored the pieces that were damaged. We then had them painted in a semi-gloss finish to match the walls and added ornate antique style door hardware. They are one of our favorite features in our entire office design.

Original to the house, the hardwood floors throughout were refinished and stained along with the stair posts. We added a newel post and stained that as well. The treads of the stairs match the floors while the risers were painted to match the walls.

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