Head in the Clouds Powder Bath

Behind the Design

Half baths are primarily used by guests, so it’s nice to leave a lasting impression. It is important to us when designing small spaces that we don’t skimp on the style. There are many ways that we used design to make this room appear larger than it really is. We selected an open gold vanity base with vintage appeal to make the floor print larger than it would be if we would have used a closed vanity. The wainscoting adds dimension to the space and the dark paint color causes the walls to appear to recede into the distance. To make the room feel light and airy we sourced a white cloud print wallpaper for above the wainscoting. We wrapped it up onto the ceiling to draw your eye up to make the room appear taller. A little fun is added with the unique pendant light fixture. Let’s just say that it is okay to have your head in the clouds in this adorable powder bath. 


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