Meet Roderick & Jennifer Hands

Tulsa Real Estate and Design Firm | Roderick and Jennifer Hands

Meet Roderick and Jennifer, a couple driven by the joy of serving and helping clients, restoring Tulsa's historic homes, and building lasting relationships. Although starting a business together was never part of their plan, their passion for transforming outdated homes into beautiful, functional spaces led them to launch Tulsa Home + Design, a full-service brokerage, design firm, and construction company.

Roderick, a licensed home inspector with a family history of carpentry and building, developed a keen eye for quality, value, and design potential. His expertise allows him to see past outdated cosmetics and envision the possibilities of a home. Jennifer, with a Master's degree in Counseling, has a unique ability to listen to clients' desires and transform them into a tangible vision for their dream home.

The Hands' passion for helping families find and create their perfect home shines through in every aspect of their business. They are committed to honesty, quality, and transparency, and their clients immediately recognize the level of care they receive. The Hands take pride in building lasting relationships with their clients, helping them navigate the complex process of buying, designing, and renovating a home.

One of the things that brings the Hands the most joy is restoring Tulsa's historic homes. The charm of these homes speaks to them, and they relish the opportunity to bring them back to life for new families to enjoy. By preserving the character of these homes and updating them with modern amenities, they are helping to preserve Tulsa's rich history while making it more accessible for modern families.

For Roderick and Jennifer, the joy of their work comes not just from creating beautiful spaces, but from the relationships they build along the way. They feel privileged to be a part of their clients' lives and to help them make their dream homes a reality. Through their work, they are not just restoring homes, but also building a stronger community in Tulsa.

As they continue to grow their business, the Hands remain committed to their core values of honesty, quality, and transparency. They look forward to continuing to serve their clients, restoring Tulsa's historic homes, and building lasting relationships in the years to come.

Tulsa Realtor Broker, Roderick Hands

Roderick Hands

Roderick Hands, Managing Broker
Tulsa Home + Design Realty

Interior Designer Jennifer Hands

Jen Hands

Jen Hands, Lead Designer
Tulsa Home + Design

Roderick Hands, the company's managing broker and active real estate agent, loves guiding friends and family through the selling process of their home.  From planning and staging to executing and closing, Roderick is well-equipped to serve you and guide you through the buying and selling journey.  Jennifer Hands, the lead designer, loves using her masters in counceling to help guide her clients through the design process.  Whether it's interior furnishing, new construction design, or remodel design, she is ready help you create a home by design specific to each family.