Scope of Work

General Construction

  • Demo: remove vanity, sinks, all fixtures, toilet (keep toilet for reinstall), tile floor, portions of subfloor for plumbing access, shower, closet doors, baseboards, crown molding, closet built-ins, step-up in closet (HVAC duct), buildout above sinks and wallpaper.  Keep: toilet and shower door
  • Build header above shower door down lower to allow for wall and crown molding to be above it. 
  • Install prefab vanity
  • Replace window in shower


  • Floor: Reinstall portions of subfloor after plumber reroutes toilet lines and HVAC duct.  Install underlayment and tile.  Grout. 
  • Shower: Install wall board, shower pan, build bench on one end. Separate line item for 2 custom inset shelves. 
    • Shelves have penny tile on insides and back wall.  Jolly trim to be used around penny tile.  
    • Jolly strips used around door entrance and window.  
  • Material: Penny tiles on mesh for all floors in bathroom and shower.  Shower wall material to be determined. 


  • Patch walls where needed, smooth finish. Patch over vanity where moving lights and removing the buildout above sinks.  Patch where the closet built-ins are removed.  Patch on sides of vanity where new free standing base will be installed.  Patch above shower door where lower header will be installed.  


  • Install new base in bathroom and toilet area, crown, build 4 stain grade floating shelves inside closet next to the new toilet location.  Stain shelves. 


  • 2 colors (one for walls and one for trim, base, crown, door.) Prep and paint. 


  • Vanity: Install new valves and trim kits for dual vanity, hookup 2 sinks.
  • Toilet: Move toilet into closet.  Move plumbing and workaround HVAC duct. 
  • Shower: Install 2 sets of valves and shower heads (one on each end).


  • Add switch for 4 recessed lights on dimmer. 
  • Use existing line for 3 sconces above vanity. 
  • Replace bathroom vent/light with new vent only. 


  • Reroute the HVAC line possibly through the floor joists to be able to remove the buildout and install toilet in closet.  

Finishing Touches

  • Hang 2 mirrors
  • Install toilet paper holder and towel rods
  • Reinstall glass shower door with new hardware