Job Summary

This project includes the kitchen, utility, half bathroom, mudroom and hallway.  We will break it up into rooms.  Beginning in the kitchen, we are removing all the current cabinets, countertops, appliances and sink.  The current pantry structure will remain the same but we will put in a false front with doors to give the appearance of a floor to ceiling cabinet, but when you open the double doors you walk into the pantry area with the existing shelving setup.  

There are two layouts we are exploring: 1. Move the gas line from the island to the west wall where we will install a free-standing 48" oven/range combo with a  custom built hood vent.  The refrigerator will be moved to the north edge of the west wall with a cabinet front panel to blend in with the cabinets.  2. Keep the cooktop in the island and just rearrange the cabinets on the west wall.  Both layouts will include removing the peninsula cabinets and patching in the new hardwood floor and refinishing.  Cabinet panel front fridge and dishwasher, new custom built cabinets, pulls, recessed lighting, sink and countertops.  

New utility cabinets, sink and platform build up for washer/dryer, paint half bathroom vanity with new tile throughout utility, hallway and bathroom, new doors built to match the existing mud room doors and installed to create more storage space.  

See details below for specifics.  

Before Photos

Kitchen Plan

Utility Plan

Scope of Work

General Construction

  • Demo:
    • Kitchen: remove kitchen cabinets, countertops, appliances (not to be thrown away), crown molding (keep for reuse)
    • Utility: remove cabinets, countertops, sink and appliances.
    • Flooring: remove tile in hallway, utility and half bath, keep toilet


  • Utility, hallway and half bath: install either large format or mosaic tile (price out each).  


  • Kitchen:
    • Patch/texture sheetrock where cabinets are removed and recessed lights are moved.  
    • Patch trench where new line was made for pendant lights above island.  (line item this so we can remove if needed).  


  • Cabinets to be built by Woodstock
  • Kitchen
    • Install base and crown around upper and lower cabinets
    • Install new custom cabinets with crown
    • Install hood vent
  • Utility
    • Install new custom cabinets with crown
    • Install crown and base where existing
  • Install base in hallway over newly installed tile
  • Install bottom rail and doors (custom made to match) in mudroom built-ins 


  • Kitchen: 2 colors (one for walls/ceiling and one for trim/base/crown).  Prep and paint 2 coats.
  • Hallway/Utility: 2 colors (one for walls/ceiling and one for trim/base/crown).  Prep and paint 2 coats.  
    • Paint built-in unit where new doors will be installed above mud room seating.  prep and paint 2 coats 


  • Kitchen:
    • Hookup new sink drain and supply
    • Trench concrete to west wall of kitchen and run new gas line from the island location (approximately 10')
  • Utility:
    • Hookup new sink drain and supply
  • Bathroom:
    • Hookup new sink drain and supply 
    • Set toilet


  • Kitchen: Install quartz tops with full backsplash according to spec sheet
  • Utility: Install quartz tops with 3-4" backsplash 
  • Bathroom: Install quartz top and sink


  • Move recessed lights to new positions according to new cabinet layout
  • Add 2 pendant lights above island (trench sheetrock, repair/ texture will most likely be required)
  • Some wiring work for new island electrical including microwave
  • Move 220 line from corner to middle of the wall (possibly adding a junction box behind fridge if needed
  • Add/move fridge line in corner


  • Kitchen:
    • Install recirculating hood vent for stove (check with local code for approval). 

Finishing Touches

  • Kitchen:
    • Install cabinet pulls 
  • Utility
    • Install washer/dryer
  • Bathroom
    • Install towel hooks and toilet paper holder
    • Hang mirror